Women's Expeditions

     When you travel and experience a Global Treks women's expedition, you immerse yourself in the culture and landscape with the lens of an active member of the community. Our expeditions are full of women who are excited to visit a world different from their regular daily routines, spend time getting to know their new travel companions, and share moments that cross borders and intertwine lives. Our guides are passionate about embracing the moment and will empower you with the skills and confidence needed to safely explore the world to get the most out of your experience.
     The locations we visit are intentional. We choose to visit places off the beaten path, taking part in activities and cultural ceremonies that uncover the many layers of our world. We encourage interactions with local community members, international cuisine, and the setting sun. Our travel companions are each members of our Global Treks Family, and are treated so. Accommodations are all personally selected by our program directors and guides to provide authentic and comfortable stays while maintaining a level of ease that keeps our clients returning year after year. It is our goal to treat every day of the itinerary as another opportunity to relax, reflect and explore the world while supporting sustainable travel practices. 
     We welcome all women to our expeditions, from young women beginning their adult journeys to the adventurous octogenarian. The sisterhood of Global Treks is strong, and we look forward to continuing to grow each season.     

Who are these trips for? Women who:

  • Are willing to embrace the culture and environment around them as it is, and not as how we would prefer it to be
  • Actively participate in the experience, rather than observe from afar
  • Are open to natural discussions and friendships that form along the way

Why participate in an a Global Treks women's Expedition?

  • Build confidence
  • Share your passions with the world around you
  • Expand your travel skills to use when traveling alone or within a small group
  • Discover new joys, new skills and new horizons 
  • Relax, connect, and explore with your friends and family 
  • Meet other adventurous women and make everlasting friendships

our expeditions Create opportunities to:

  • Expand leadership skills 
  • Empower all women by building confidence in travel 
  • Travel safely while exploring with a group of women interested in seeing the world
  • Explore the passions and perspectives of each individual's personal journey
  • Focus on expanding mindfulness and presence while traveling
  • Take time to reflect on the adventure to bring a piece of the world back home

Upon completion, we want everyone to feel ready to lead their own expedition! 

Upcoming Women's Expeditions

San Juan Islands

Living aboard a sailboat while exploring the many islands that make up the San Juan's is an adventure you will never forget. You will find many tranquil bays teaming with wildlife and nearly as small island towns full of art and many resorts and spas that will all induce a peaceful state of mind. For those looking for adventure there are numerous hiking trails on the islands as well as an abundance of tidal pools to explore. Sailing among the islands also offer you the chance to see the resident orca pod, jellyfish, numerous colorful starfish, curious harbor seals and their pups, and on a moonless night- bioluminescence. 

Dates: August 6 - 12, 2017

The best time to sail is during the months of July and August when the islands are the warmest. You have the option to fly into the Bellingham or Seattle, WA Airport. The sailboat will depart out of Bellingham which is a fun town in itself to explore! There are dozens of islands that make up the San Juans and you will help plot the course for the week's adventure!

Rates: $2,750 

What is covered:

  • Price is based on a group of 6. Prices will vary depending on group size and sailboat size. 
  • The price will include the sailboat, female captain/guide, all breakfast and lunches on the boat, 3 dinners, transportation to and from airport, and marina fees. Cabins are double occupancy unless previously arranged. 


What is not covered:

  • Flights, spending money for souvenirs, meals in town or at resorts, spa treatments. We are more than happy to help arrange your flights, just ask! 


Guatemala is known for its gentle way of life, expansive highlands dotted with several volcanoes, deep-rooted Mayan heritage, and delicious cuisine. This adventure combines exploration of the colonial city of Antigua with a visit to traditional Maya villages surrounding the beautiful waters of Lake Atitlan. Choose from a wide range of activities ranging from culinary tours and wine tastings to Yoga and several day hikes along the highlands of Guatemala culminating in an epic sunrise above the Lake Atitlan volcanoes.  

DATES: May 19 - 27, 2017

The best time to schedule an eight to ten day trip is during the dry months of December through May. We will pick everyone up at the Guatemala airport and head directly to the colonial town of Antigua for orientation before heading to the beautiful Lake Atitlan region.


What is not covered:

  • Flights, spending money for souvenirs, and meals in restaurants. We are more than happy to help arrange your flights, just ask! 

RATES: $2,450

What is covered:

Price is based on a group of 6. Prices will vary depending on group size. 
The price will include a female guide, lodging with double occupancy, food during home-stays, local transportation including transportation to and from airport.


Bali is the ultimate rejuvenating getaway. You will enjoy walking through the numerous temples, relaxing and energizing your body with yoga, getting multiple Balinese massages, meeting the smiling locals, scuba diving the warm tropical waters, surfing, living in home-stays, and enjoying the delicious new foods! 


Anytime of the year is a good time to visit Bali. The rainy season, October - April, brings relief from the heat with a regular afternoon shower. The dry season has more sun, higher temperatures, but less humidity. We will meet you at the Denpasar airport on the island of Bali and once everyone is arrives we will head to Ubud, in the heart of the temples. 


What's not covered:

Flights, spending money for souvenirs, any individual meals or snacks outside of what is provided, SCUBA diving. We are more than happy to help arrange your flights, just ask! 

RATES: $2,950

What is covered:

Price is based on a group of 6. Prices will vary depending on group size. 
The price will include a female guide, food, temple entrance fees, housing, two Balinese 1 hr massages, yoga, snorkeling, and all local transportation (including to/from airport). 

Spanish Virgin Islands

The Spanish Virgin Islands are the secret of the Caribbean. A collection of 23 tropical islands and cays full of coconuts, wild horses, bioluminescence, beautiful empty beaches, and an abundance of marine life. Come hop on board our sailboat and set sail to this natural wonder. 

DATES: Jan 5 - 12, 2017        -- Filled --

The best time of year to visit the Spanish Virgin Islands is December to June. Summer months can get hot but most boats have air conditioning and you are always 10 seconds from jumping in the water! We will pick you up at the small airport in the resort island of St. Thomas and head strait to the sailboat. There is a grocery store at the St. Thomas waterfront and shopping district all within walking distance.


What's not covered:

Flights, spending money for souvenirs, any individual meals or snacks outside of what is provided on the boat, dining out while on the islands, SCUBA diving. We are more than happy to help arrange your flights, just ask! 


RATES: $2,850

What is covered:

Price is based on a group of 6. Prices will vary depending on group size and boat selection. 
The price will include a female guide, all breakfast and lunch options while on boat, 3 dinners, snorkeling gear, local transportation including transportation to and from airport.Cabins are double occupancy unless previously arranged.  


Iceland is full of indoor and outdoors experiences. You will visit the Blue Lagoon Hot Spring and Spa where you will have the opportunity to get an in water massage. We will get out for some epic hiking through the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland including the black sand beaches and hot springs as well as it's active volcanoes. Explore Reykjavik and all the museums by foot, and snorkel the rift zone between two continents.


DATES: July 9 - 15, 2017    --- FILLED ---

All months of the year are an excellent time to visit Iceland. It just depends on how much sunlight and hiking you want to experience. The summer months of May-August have the longest days of light and is the best time to hike and experience the epic landscapes. Winter months have few daylight hours but is an excellent time to see the northern lights and walk the charming street of Reykjavik and explore the Museums. We will be picking you up at the airport in Keflavik and heading to the town of Reykjavik for the first couple days of exploring. 


What's not covered:

Flights, spending money for souvenirs, lunch and dinner, additional spa treatments at the Blue Lagoon Spa, any gratuities. 


RATES: $3,650

What is covered:

Price is based on a group of 6. Prices will vary depending on group size. 
The price will include a female guide, lodging with double occupancy, all breakfast, entrance into museums, hiking, snorkeling, entrance and 1 hour massage at the Blue Lagoon Spa, and all local transportation. 



While originally from Chicago, Jen can now be found wandering the bluffs surrounding the Mississippi River in Minnesota with her Husky, Kota.  Jen has B.S. degrees in both Biology and Spanish from Winona State University, and a Master’s Degree in Instruction from Saint Mary’s University. Jen truly loves to learn about the world and will always see herself as an everlasting student.  As a science teacher, experiential educator, and wilderness first responder for the past 10 years, Jen believes that the best way to learn anything is to get outside of your comfort zone and really let the world teach you everything it has to offer.

The desire to really understand people from all walks of life has provided Jen with the opportunity to lead both student and adult trips throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, Southeast Africa, Australia, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.  She has shared her passion for sailing by leading students on sailing ventures in the Apostle Islands, the Puget Sound, French Polynesia, and the Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Australia. Living aboard a sailboat has provided rare moments to appreciate such as getting away from the mainland to watch playful seals or enjoy the colors of Aurora Borealis.  Every place Jen visits simply reveals again and again how truly amazing the world is, and how there is so much of the world yet to be experienced.


Stefanie received a Master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University and Bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Political Science from California Lutheran University. She has worked with college students in a variety of capacities over the last 8 years including: facilitating international experiences, coordinating student events and orientations, planning admission events, training professional and student staff, investigating Title IX claims, and managing crisis responses. She most recently served as the Dean of Students at a private midwestern university.
She has a passion for introducing students to new cultures through the lens of local and international experiential learning. Stefanie has been a facilitator for student international trips to the Cook Islands, Central and South America, and Qatar. She loves learning about new cultures through conversations and the arts. Originally from California, Stefanie, her husband Brett, and puppy Surly currently call Chicago home. She enjoys running, barre workouts, hiking, and catching up with family and friends around the world.