Spanish Virgin Islands Internship May 2017

 Research in the Spanish Virgin Islands

This research expedition will focus on developing and publishing a sailing guide to the Spanish Virgin Islands. After a very successful research season in 2015 creating the first field guide to this remote archipelago, this research expedition in 2017 will focus on collecting information needed to publish the regions first sailing guide. The primary focus will be on conducting coral reef surveys, determining the location and quality of safe anchorages, collecting information on beaches and islands, location of bioluminescent bays, creating geospatial maps of bathymetry data (water depths) and island topography, navigational lights, landmarks, information on the local culture, as well as any other helpful information to sailors traveling through this island group. 

This internship offers you the opportunity to conduct research from your home or university during the summer of 2017 and spend one week (May 23-30, 2017) sailing around the Islands of Vieques and Culebra and the 23 islands and cays that make up the Spanish Virgin Islands. 

What this internship offers you:

1. You become a contributing author in a Global Treks publication.

2. Gain experience designing, researching, collecting, and synthesizing data.

3. Experience living aboard a sailboat while sailing through the Caribbean.

4. Learn to sail a 48 foot sloop rigged monohull. 

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       What you can expect

We work with each student to set up an individualized topic of research. You will spend 10-20 hours per week working remotely from home or school researching your assigned topic. You will then spend 1 week in May living aboard a sailboat while sailing around the islands of Culebra and Vieques. The sailboat is 48 feet long and consists of 4 cabins, a kitchen, dining area, and four bathrooms. Each cabin will be shared by two students. Mornings will be spent sailing between the islands and in the afternoons we will anchor in a protected bay and get out to explore the island and conduct surveys. It is during this time on the islands that you will investigate your research topic and document what you discover through surveys, observations, note taking, and photographs to include in the guide book. 



Check out previous research expeditions to the

Spanish Virgin Islands during the summer of 2015.


Position Details

- 7 Positions available. We are looking for students in all majors. Focus areas include creative writing, investigative journalism, wildlife, plants, marine life, natural history, tourism, economics, GIS, as well as students interested in the making of a documentary of the expedition. 

- Mobile Research from any location (3 months/10-20 hours per week)

- Action Research in the Spanish Virgin Islands (May 23-30, 2017).

-Interested in earning college credit? We will work with your university to ensure that you receive 3-6 credits for your contribution to the field guide. Credits can be applied to summer or fall semester. 


1. Develop and publish the first sailing guide to the Spanish Virgin Islands. 

2. GPS boat anchorages, hiking trails, navigational lights, points of interest, and survey water bathymetry.

3. Conduct research on the areas natural and cultural history. 

5. Explore all of the islands and bays in order to document what sailors can expect to find. 

4. Collect video and photographs to include in the making of a documentary of the expedition. 


Program Costs: $2,050

Program fee covers lodging, sailboat charter, a licensed U.S.C.G. Captain, supplies, food, local transportation, and mooring costs.  

*Airfare transportation to St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands not included. We are more than happy to help you book your flight. Flights typically start at $350 depending on your location. We will meet you at the St. Thomas airport with our company shirts on and a sign with your name.

*Interested in an intern position but not traveling? Please fill out an application to be considered for a position helping in with documentary making, marketing, and the publication process. 

Ready to Apply?

Still have questions? Please email us or visit our FAQ for additional information. 

What past interns have to say about their experience:

Kendra H. | Century College

 "During my experience I was able to work with an amazing team that supported and encouraged me. I had an adventure of a lifetime. I was able to utilize and develop my skills that I hope to use in my future careers."


Bryan K. | Texan State University

  "This trip was much more than I expected. I know that this is what I am going to do the rest of my life. I have learned more in this one week than I have in one year of college."


Jefferson G. | University of North Texas

     "I see global treks being an unforgettable learning experience first and foremost. I would love to work for Global Treks again on any other projects. Global Treks taught me how to apply the knowledge I’ve been accumulating for the last 4 years which was an invaluable lesson to learn for my career. Personally that allows me to have the confidence to take risks and put myself out there for future career options."