Gulf Islands, Pacific Northwest

Research Expedition July 12-19, 2018



The Gulf Islands are known for their wildlife, marine life, and rugged islands. One of the only ways to reach this archipelago in the Pacific Northwest is by sailboat. This research expedition will combine exploration of the islands with on the ground action research.  The overall goal of this expedition is to conduct targeted research in order to develop and publish a naturalist and culture guide to the archipelago. This will be the first year of a two year process to conduct research in order to develop the publication for this region. 


This research expedition will focus on developing a naturalist and culture guide to the Gulf Islands archipelago. The purpose of the publication is to help provide travelers with insight into the natural world they will be traveling through. It will provide the types of marine life, wildlife, and habitats they may observe, provide a history of the islands (their creation and local culture) and provide GIS maps for the islands and cays. 

The types of information we are looking for help researching:

1.  The Environment: habitats, ecosystems, wildlife, common plants and their uses, marine life, tidal pools, the geography and geology, climate, nature preserves, and the management of these resources. 

2. Culture: cultural history, bio-ethnographic research, tourism and the economy.

3. Sailing Notes: common and safe anchorage maps, bathymetry data (depths), georeferenced aerial photos, sailors notes- describing the characteristics and resources of each bay, and other helpful information.

4. Imagery: High definition photographs will be collected and included in the publication to provide examples of what one can expect to encounter at each bay/island. 

5. GIS Mapping: Use GPS receivers, GIS software, drones, and sonar to map the bathymetry of the anchorages, bays, and islands. 


There are two options to participate in this research expedition. You may choose to join us and help with the field surveys and the gathering of information for the 8 days or, you have the option to participate in an internship with us which includes working remotely pre and post expedition. The internship requires working remotely, at home or your university (5-15 hours per week), and spending 8 days in July, 2018 participating in the field research.

What this internship offers you:

1. Contribute to the research and development of a Global Treks Publication.

2. The opportunity to design a study, conduct interviews with local experts, collect and synthesize data, compose a cited research report while working alongside a university instructor and scientist. 

3. The experience of conducting field research while trekking across remote islands and living aboard a sailboat.

4. Explore the vibrant natural resources of the Pacific Northwest.  

5. The opportunity to participate in and complete a collaborative research project with fellow researchers.

6. Gain work experience to build your resume and set yourself apart. 



  • Based on your background and academic interests, we will help you narrow your project goals to a corresponding section of the publication. 
  • You generate your section from completed research at home and from your field research in the Gulf Islands.
    1. You will conduct preliminary research during the weeks leading up to the field portion in order to prepare yourself to hit the ground running when we arrive on site.
    2. Once at the location you will have the opportunity to document what you find, interview locals, complete surveys, search through local resources, and gain first-hand knowledge on your subject and the location.
    3. Once the field portion is completed you will spend the remainder of your time working from home synthesizing the information you have found and organizing it into a section for the published guide.
  • Once all work is completed all sections will be compiled into one final document and editing will begin in order to complete a clear and concise publication. 


- 8 Positions available. We are looking for students in all majors. Focus areas include wildlife, plants, marine life, natural history, anthropology, tourism, economics, GIS, as well as students interested in the making of a mini-documentary of the expedition. 

- Mobile Research from any location (3 months/10 hours per week)

- Action Research in the Gulf Islands (8 days- July 12-19, 2018)

-Interested in earning college credit? We will work with your university to ensure that you receive 3-6 credits for your contribution to the guide. Credits can be applied to summer or fall semester.  

-100% of book proceeds go into a scholarship fund to aid future interns to participate in publication research. 


1. Develop and publish a natural and cultural guide of the Gulf Islands.

2. GPS hiking trails and boat anchorages.

3. Conduct research on the areas natural and cultural history. 

5. Explore all of the islands and bays in order to document what visitors can expect to find. 

4. Collect video and photographs to include in the making of a mini-documentary of the expedition. 

The boat


Flights will be coordinated to arrive the same day. We will meet you at the Victoria airport on Vancouver Island and take you to the marina where our sailboat is located. You have the day to settle into your cabin on the boat and explore the town of Nanaimo. Cabins will be shared with 2 people to each cabin.

travel Cost

8 days of field research $1,850 PER PERSON*

Airfare is not included. We will gladly help to arrange your flights. Airfare typically starts at $300 depending on your departure city.

What is included: When we pick you up at the airport everything will be covered except souvenirs. 


Ready to Apply?

Applications are now being accepted for 2018




Check out a previous research expedition to Iceland in 2017.


Still have questions? Please email us or visit our FAQ for additional information. 






     "I see global treks being an unforgettable learning experience first and foremost. I would love to work for Global Treks again on any other projects. Global Treks taught me how to apply the knowledge I’ve been accumulating for the last 4 years which was an invaluable lesson to learn for my career. Personally that allows me to have the confidence to take risks and put myself out there for future career options."


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  "This trip was much more than I expected. I know that this is what I am going to do the rest of my life. I have learned more in this one week than I have in one year of college."



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 "During my experience I was able to work with an amazing team that supported and encouraged me. I had an adventure of a lifetime. I was able to utilize and develop my skills that I hope to use in my future careers."

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