Rarotonga- Goodnight Ocean

Goodnight Ocean

By: Lauren M. 

Today was busy! But in the fun way where you go to bed exhausted with a smile on your face. Our first stop was at the Cook Island Marine Park. We met with Kevin Iro who founded the Park and started the sustainability movement on the Island. Yes, to all you Rugby fans out there. The Kevin Iro of the All Blacks Rugby Team. We sat down in front of computers and listened to Kevin discuss the efforts Rarotonga is undertaking to conserve the marina around the island. We took notes and asked questions, as studious adventurers should.

Our second stop was at the Whale and Wildlife Center, and this adventure has been dubbed the highlight of the day. Sheryl gave us an in depth tour off all the different things at the center. We held whalebones and sperm. Believe it or not, whale calves bones are very light. The ones we were holding were about the weight of an unused sponge, as opposed to the adult whale bones, which were as heavy as rocks.

But why was the Whale Center the highlight of our day? Because of two adventurers, one of which you have already met. Adventurer Jamie Rule read to us the book Goodnight Ocean, while Chris acted out the book with toy marine animals. They found the book and the toys in the free-for-all toys for children at the café connected to the Center. Yes my friends, she read, he acted, out in public and it was amazing. This is what it is like to be a Global Treks and Adventures family member. We learn a lot, but we also create memories worth keeping.

What else can I say about this day? We spent the rest of the day in Avarua, some of the places we wished to venture were closed, but regardless we made the best of it. Back at home base we had burgers for dinner, played more card games, and had our daily family meeting of what we would try to accomplish the next day. The perfect balance of work and play was today.

Many of us live in the city, or in other places where there is a lot of light pollution, but today we are in a place were light pollution is minimal and seeing the stars is beyond possible. We all huddled outside to look up at the Milky Way shinning bright in the sky. We also saw the Southern Cross. A view like this is certainly something I have never experienced before, and it is absolutely breathtaking. We turned off all the lights in the house to get a better view of the world around us.

Lastly, I am sorry to report that Rain Dog is no longer with us; I understand he was a fan favorite, but sometimes-unforeseeable things happen. Don’t worry she did not die! The pool maintenance people chased her off and we saw her chasing the goats this morning.

Tomorrow the field research team is off on a cross-island hike while the rest of the adventure family will snorkel and peruse the library for useful information on their specific research topics. I will keep you posted with another post about tomorrow because I can guarantee it is going to be a blast!

Meet The Family

 Jamie Rule. Anthropology Intern. She is studying art history, focusing on Māori traditional art. She is also taking photos and seeing how traditions carry into modern art.

Talia Weiss. Cultural/Archaeological Site Guide and Maori Tattoo Culture. She is studying the history, culture, and importance surrounding Maori tattoos. She will also create a guide to the archaeological sites and sites of cultural significance around the island.

Ben Waranowski. Geography/GIS Intern. He is studying the geographic history, climate, and current geography of Rarotonga. He is also producing maps of Raro for various categories of study in the field guide.