Australia is described as the beautiful world “down under.” Australia provides a vast array of ecosystems and cityscapes to explore, allowing for a unique experiential education experience. Students will enjoy the opportunity to participate in a wide array of adventure experiences from exploring the streets of Sydney, swimming under waterfalls, rainforest hikes, zip-lining through the tress to snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. Students will experience the heart of experiential education by participating in coral reef science while snorkeling to assist with sea turtle and reef fish studies, speaking with members of the Aboriginal communities to learn cultural history and century-old traditions, exploring the Daintree Rainforests and the many creatures of the night while sleeping in the canopy and swimming in the streams, and embracing the excitement of full immersion in a new culture with a unique government structure and economy. All expeditions with Global Treks guides are structured to maintain a consistent level of high energy, exciting activities and learning opportunities that keep students engaged every moment of the day.

Overlooking Antigua

Overlooking Antigua

 Itinerary Options


Explore the “Harbour city” of Sydney, Australia

  • Stroll the historic streets of the 1788 sector of the city called “The Rocks", orginially known as Tallawoladah by the Cadigal people

  • Climb the Sydney Harbour bridge pylons and enjoy the view from over 250 ft above the water

  • Cruise the local shopping district enjoy the local ferries around Sydney

  • Walk and study the infamous Botanical Gardens, visit the local animal sanctuaries or visit the wide variety of local art, science and history museums


Dive into the Great barrier reef

  • Tour indigenous villages surrounding Lago Atitlan

  • Learn about traditional weaving techniques at local Women's Cooperatives

  • Experience a Maya traditional sauna called a tamascal

  • Time your visit and participate in honoring the celebration of Semana Santa during the Holy Week of Easter

  • Explore the ancient city and ruins of Tikal

  • Optional activities: learn local indigenous plants and their many uses, medicinal plant lessons, make your own scarf using traditional looms, ancient fabric dying workshop, visit to local school or speak with local elders, etc.


Step into the outback

  • Trek across the central highlands

  • Mountain biking tours

  • Climb one of many volcanoes, including roasting marshmallows on Mt. Pacaya's lava vents

  • Sea kayak around or Para-glide over Lago Atitlan

  • Volcano board down the mountain of ash

  • Hike/swim through the caves of Semuc Champey

sail on water.JPG

discover the wonders of the daintree rainforest

  • Read a book or take a nap while overlooking Lago Atitlan

  • Continue or begin your Yoga practice

  • Indulge in local foods and wines

  • Enjoy a traditional massage


Sample itinerary

Day 1                     Travel day. Arrive in Guatemala City Airport; private shuttle to Antigua.

Day 2 and 3            Explore city of Antigua (visit Macademia Farm, Enjoy culinary tours, hike

                               the Pacaya Volcano)

Day 4                     Private shuttle transfer to Panajachel at Lake Atitlan. 

Day 5 and 6            Explore cities of San Juan la Laguna, Panajachel and San Pedro La Laguna. Visit

                               local cooperatives, learn traditional                               

                               Maya customs, sea kayak or hike trails surrounding the Lake.

Day 7                     Private shuttle transfer to Antigua.  Final celebration night dinner.

Day 8                     Depart for home



Sample itinerary price: $2,800 for 8 days; airfare not included

Price dependent upon length of stay and choice of activities.




Trip Availability:

December - May

(highest tourist season: December - January)