Financial Aid

Funding your experience is possible:  all you need is initiative, determination and time.


Getting Started

The opportunities for receiving financial support to participate in an international travel internship are all around. Several options are outlined below. Remember, the key is to apply early and be sure to follow all requirements stated in each application. We recommend every intern begin the search within their home university's office of financial aid. A large number of universities offer financial support, grants or scholarships for individuals pursuing educational opportunities outside of the classroom. Many also transform unpaid internships into paid ones. For more information regarding how to navigate the process of scholarship applications, please read the information below or schedule an appointment with our office team.

We’ll be happy to help!

How Global Treks Alumni Have Found Success

Global Treks Interns have sought and received funding from a number of different avenues. Most commonly, interns receive funding from grants or scholarships offered within their home universities. Still, outside scholarships and grants are also possible! We encourage all our researchers to pursue and utilize search engines to find opportunities best matched to his/her personal circumstances. In the past, Global Treks Alumni have qualified for various opportunities based on their demographics, geographic location, associated foundation connections, and through local community opportunities. 


Most Common Sources of Funding for Global Treks Researchers

1. Scholarships or grants associated with the individuals's home university

2. GoFundMe and other fundraising efforts

3. Outside scholarships or grants

4. Financial Aid funding options

5. Personal financing and/or the use of payment plans

Our staff is here to support you throughout this journey! Please reach out early within the process to begin applications for funding or receive extra guidance on creating fundraising drives for your program. 

Other Scholarship Opportunities

We encourage eligible students to take advantage of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. More than 50% of students who apply receive the scholarship! 

There are many more opportunities available. We recommend searching online for further possibilities. 

Payment Plans

Global Treks is happy to work with anyone individually to create a payment schedule aligned with individual needs and abilities. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your program director to learn more.