Guatemala is known for its gentle way of life, expansive highlands dotted with several volcanoes, deep-rooted Mayan heritage, and delicious cuisine. This adventure combines exploration of the colonial city of Antigua with a visit to traditional Maya villages surrounding the beautiful waters of Lake Atitlan. We will help you create a customized itinerary that incorporates authentic culture, delicious cuisine, relaxing villas, and as much or as little activity as desired. Choose from a wide range of activities ranging from culinary tours or Yoga retreats to several day hikes along the highlands of Guatemala culminating in an epic sunrise above the Lake Atitlan volcanoes. We fully customize your itinerary to match your interests and desired level of activity. We guarantee an experience you will cherish forever, at a price that remains well within your budget. Our expert guides are all certified first responders, have lived or worked for extended periods of time in Guatemala, and will ensure a worry-free experience for you and your whole party. 

Overlooking Antigua

Overlooking Antigua

 Trip Highlights


stroll the colonial city of antigua

  • Sample local coffee from all regions of Guatemala 
  • Visit La Iglesia de San Francisco, a church built in 1579
  • Take a culinary tour of local traditional foods and wines, organic avocado farms and the infamous Valhalla Macadamia Plantation
  • Practice your bargaining skills at local shops 


Immerse yourself in Maya Traditions

  • Tour indigenous villages surrounding Lago Atitlan
  • Learn about traditional weaving techniques at local Women's Cooperatives
  • Experience a Maya traditional sauna called a tamascal
  • Time your visit and participate in honoring the celebration of Semana Santa during the Holy Week of Easter
  • Explore the ancient city and ruins of Tikal


adventure activities abound

  • Trek across the central highlands
  • Mountain biking tours
  • Climb one of many volcanoes, including roasting marshmallows on Mt. Pacaya's lava vents
  • Sea kayak around or Para-glide over Lago Atitlan
  • Volcano board down the mountain of ash
  • Hike/swim through the caves of Semuc Champey

sail on water.JPG

Rest, Relaxation and REJUVENATION

  • Read a book or take a nap while overlooking Lago Atitlan
  • Continue or begin your Yoga practice
  • Indulge in local foods and wines
  • Enjoy a traditional massage


Sample itinerary

Day 1                     Travel day. Arrive in Guatemala City Airport; private shuttle to Antigua.

Day 2 and 3            Explore city of Antigua (visit Macademia Farm, Enjoy culinary tours, hike

                               the Pacaya Volcano)

Day 4                     Private shuttle transfer to Panajachel at Lake Atitlan. 

Day 5 and 6            Explore cities of San Juan la Laguna, Panajachel and San Pedro La Laguna. Visit

                               local cooperatives, learn traditional                               

                               Maya customs, sea kayak or hike trails surrounding the Lake.

Day 7                     Private shuttle transfer to Antigua.  Final celebration night dinner.

Day 8                     Depart for home



Sample itinerary price: $2,300 for 8 days; airfare not included

Price dependent upon length of stay and choice of activities.




Trip Availability:

December - May

(highest tourist season: December - January)