2016 Rarotonga Research Expedition

The Project

During June of 2016, a team of 16 researchers hiked the mountains, swam the reefs, and interviewed the Maori locals on the South Pacific island of Rarotonga, of the Cook Island nation. The expedition focused on developing a field guide and cultural guide to this remote island. Specifically documenting the island's marine life, wildlife, plant life, geography, natural resources, anthropology, and economics. The ultimate goal of the research expedition was to provide travelers insight and understanding of the world that they were traveling through. 

Expedition Leaders

Jen Herdina: Jen works as an Instructor for a  private University in Minnesota as well as an Expedition Leader and the Academic Director with Global Treks and Adventures. Jen loves learning new languages and trying to live in her "challenge" zone as much as possible.


Stefanie Lucas-Waverly: Stefanie is an Expedition Leader with Global Treks and Adventures and enjoys facilitating positive and constructive interactions between interns and people of all cultures. 

Kyle Herdina: Kyle works as the Program Director and Expedition Leader for Global Treks and Adventures. Kyle enjoys exploring remote places and their unique environments. 

Expedition Pictures