What our past interns have to say about their research experience:

Mandy C.  | Savannah College of Art and Design

San Juan Islands Research Expedition- August, 2016

     "This experience was definitely one of the most unique and incredible opportunities that I have had the chance to partake in. I made incredible friendships with people around the country that I would never have met otherwise. I got to explore one of the most beautiful regions while learning and researching alongside people whose passion and excitement on the topics were contagious. I have nothing but high praises to share with anyone considering a global treks expedition and would love the chance to go on another in the future. "

John K. | Virginia Tech

Australia and San Juan Islands Research Expedition- June & August, 2016

     "I found these expeditions to be such great experiences that I decided to do two in one summer. I can honestly say I learned a ton from the guides and my peers that I will take with me back to school. If you want an experience you’ll never forget apply for an adventure internship!"

Jefferson G. | University of North Texas

San Juan Islands Research Expedition- August, 2016

     "I see global treks being an unforgettable learning experience first and foremost. I would love to work for Global Treks again on any other projects. Global Treks taught me how to apply the knowledge I’ve been accumulating for the last 4 years which was an invaluable lesson to learn for my career. Personally that allows me to have the confidence to take risks and put myself out there for future career options."

Mary S. | Boston College

Spanish Virgin Islands Expedition- January, 2016

     "This experience will definitely aid my future academic and career goals. I absolutely loved snorkeling and identifying marine life. I have developed a greater love for the ocean and travel which will direct me to focus in on the topics of oceanography and marine life for future careers. The unique experience of sailing put me outside of my comfort zone and I walked away loving it. This experience will encourage me to test my limits and explore career options that are intimidating. Because of this I can expand my horizons and broaden my mind. "

Bryan K. | Texas State University

Spanish Virgin Islands & San Juan Islands Research Expeditions- June 2015 & July 2016

     "This trip was much more than I expected. I know that this is what I am going to do the rest of my life. I have learned more in this one week than I have in one year of college."

Kendra H. | Century College

Guatemala Expedition- June 2015

     "During my experience I was able to work with an amazing team that supported and encouraged me. I had an adventure of a lifetime. I was able to utilize and develop my skills that I hope to use in my future careers."

Kristen R. | Winona State University

Guatemala Expedition- June 2015

     "Working with Global Treks will help to set me apart from other candidates whether it be in the working world or in furthering my graduate education because it is such a unique opportunity to have the chance to travel, experience the world, and write about it."

Liz M. | Montclair State University

Spanish Virgin Islands Research Expedition- June 2015

     'This experience will show future employers that I am willing to throw myself into an experience for the betterment of the company. This was an impressive trip! Lively, adventurous, academic, relaxing, exhilarating, and this experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways. I am grateful!"

Lydia S. | Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Spanish Virgin Islands Research Expedition- June 2015

     "This internship helped me to be able to work independently and in a group on a project; including researching my own topic and  assisting others on theirs. Flexibility and cooperation were a key on this trip and that's a helpful skill I learned that is required for any employment."