Global Treks and Adventures History: Then and Now

Global Treks and Adventures began in 2009 as an adventure-based travel company, providing land and sea opportunities for families and individuals around the world. Expeditions were each 1 – 3 weeks in duration and focused solely on the recreational experiences of travel for small groups and families. Sailing expedition locations included island archipelagos in the United States, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific, with land treks in Central and South America. 

In 2012, the mission and values evolved to embrace the founders’ shared passion for teaching and travel. The mission of Global Treks today focuses on experiential education opportunities for students wishing to expand their learning outside of the classroom. Jen and Kyle Herdina were independently working at different universities, teaching classes on subjects ranging from social justice topics to geospatial science. As professional educators and sailors, the Global Treks Internship Program was launched to provide students with a 3 ½ month experience combining action research, in the field data collection, and concluding with the publication writing process. The internship opportunity connects each student’s individual academic journey to a research project currently underway for publication. All research collected is professionally written and published in a cultural guide or field guide to a remote part of the world. Expeditions take place via sailboat and on land treks, continuing to build sustainable relationships with diverse communities around the globe. 

As of 2018, Global Treks and Adventures have hosted over 250 interns from across the United States and abroad connecting students with professional researchers around the globe. Students learn technical skills such as land or sea navigation, how to conduct on-the-ground surveys, work alongside their teammates to create a publication, and earn college credit from their home university.